I take my shoes off and sigh. Flex and spread my toes into air. Empty the glass and clink it down. Exit the tile for carpet and slide into wool and wait for the sheets and air around me to warm. Some nights I miss you more than others.

Red rocks meld your soul into sunshine like seeing friends in a city not your own. :) love. Hope. That is all. @campfir @nylicuc @lafrijola you were missed slice @wilkristin
(at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre)

Red Rocks. Sun. Hope. :) @nylicuc @campfir @cardinals . You were missed slice @wilkristin (at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre)

Our mutual film primer in Denver. So rad and wicked fun @campfir @wilkristin @nylicuc #ourmutualfriend #beer #Denver #brewery #film #documentary #sootandchalk

specialty flyer preparation by yours truly @nylicuc 7.30 at @omfbrewing tonight!

Denver. Premier. #Stoked! #Super8mm #documentary #film @nylicuc @wilkristin @campfir @bproff @omfbrewing

Pencil. Orange. Love. All you need. That is all.

At long last my eyes graced and grazed - subdued by level plain lands - now like a dream clear beam of sky - the westward horizon is broken across salty bay waters by none other - The Olympic Mountains - the truth of welcome home. (at Olympia, WA)

#empirebuilder that is all. (at The Empire Builder)

Conductor Bill. “my job is great.” … “yes ma’am a splitting to Seattle and Portland. First door on the left top Seattle.” …,”yeah it’s a pretty good job, see plenty of land.” “cool” - me (at Spokane Intermodal Center (Amtrak & Greyhound Depot))